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A little about us and where we originated from.

We started as members Keansburg Babe Ruth League back in 2012.  Our previous President and dear friend, Robert Kistner, was trying to turn a failing league around.  He struggled, as all small towns struggle, to get the necessary funds to keep this program successful.  His idea was to bring Keansburg Babe Ruth into the 21st century and try to build a long lasting foundation.  Unfortunately, Keansburg Babe Ruth was tied with the municipality. There are certain rules that have to be followed.  This man was at the fields 24/7, no one worked as hard as Rob did to get those fields looking great.  

In 2014, Rob recruited the person who would eventually take the reigns of Keansburg Babe Ruth. Rob also recruited several new members into his board.  Rob stepped down as President in 2015, and ushered in the new President, Lou DiGrigorio. Rob stayed around as long as he could before moving to his new home.  

As the new President began to look into all aspects of the league, he had a vision; a vision which at first seemed like a far reach. He realized, we were a small town, he realized we were bound to certain rules that must be followed because of Keansburg Babe Ruth being under the umbrella of Keansburg Recreation.  A risky and exciting decision was made, and that is to leave Keansburg Recreation's umbrella.  This move would open up new avenues, and new opportunities for the league.  As this was happening, a second risky and exciting decision was being made.  That was the merger of Bayshore Little League with Keansburg Babe Ruth.  We knew that Bayshore Little League was not doing so well.  Our Keansburg Babe Ruth league was not doing well either, in financial aspects.  The goal was not to take it over, but to merge, merge our resources an have a chance for both leagues to work.

Our Baseball Charter has always been Keyport, Union Beach, Keansburg and Middletown. So the merger was a no brainer for the board to decide on.  We are now a fully merged baseball league, we have board members from multiple towns. Due to the short noticed and the ball had already started rolling with Keansburg Babe Ruth, the decision was made to keep the name Keansburg Babe Ruth.  The charter was changed to Bayshore Babe Ruth League in early 2015, but everything else was associated to Keansburg Babe Ruth.

Our League President was not done, for in 2015, the Board also approved to creating of a new program, that we must say are very proud of.  This new program is called "Buddy-Ball", it is offered by Babe Ruth Leagues as "Bambino Buddy-Ball".  This program is to target special needs children, and we offered it to ALL neighboring towns.  We reached out to HYAL, Matawan, HYAA and everyone who was interested in having an opportunity to have their special need child participate in a baseball activity.  Once this program was created, we needed someone to lead this group.  As always, the new President was resourceful and already had the person in mind. And When Heather Geiger was offered the directors job for Buddy-Ball and she accepted with a big smile, we all knew she was the right person for this position.  She is so passionate about this program, she is truly a blessing to have running this program.

Once the foundation has been established, we of the Bayshore board reached out to Union Beach and Keansburg Recreations.  Both these towns Recreation boards have been helpful to us. Without their help, and their acknowledgement that we are doing something great for the kids, they helped us out. We were allowed to use their fields; we had support as well from them.  This year, in 2016, the Keansburg Recreation has made some safety modifications to the baseball fields.  We like to take this opportunity to acknowledge them for a job well done.  We simply look forward to 2017, and hope they have a chance to finish some more upgrades.

Towards the end of the 2015-year, a decision was made to become an actual Recreation. This was truly a risky idea, simply because who knows what would happen.  We realized that if we create something like this, we reach out to other leagues and sports struggling for funds to continue. This struggle reminds us of where we came from, reminds us of our previous president struggling to do everything for the kids.  Creating a recreation, and not taking over, but being a partnership with other leagues and sports, we can share resources. We realize we pay for the same insurance, background checks, training, social media and website.  If we united, and shared our resources, we can help these leagues and sports struggling to stay a float. Or if a parent would like to start a league but didn’t know how to, we would help out to get it started and share our resources. So as of December 2015, we became Bayshore Sports and Recreation and we NOW sponsor Bayshore Little League.  

Now, for the 2016 season...  We have new things coming.  As you know, we have this website and we will be introducing our new sports app.  And I hope you don’t think we are done...  We have more things to introduce for the 2016 season.